I heard from someone you’re still pretty

Engineering lego dreams

All the kinematic systems in this set make me get an engineer’s nerd high. Seriously this is beautiful. I so want to dig out my legos now (and really have for the last few months). So check out this link. It really reminds me of the video below. Make sure you listen to it with Alt-J Tessellate playing in the back ground. I also have it linked below.

In other news, I have an aerospace structures test tomorrow, and an interview with Boeing. I would be studying but I’m (white chili) cooking dinner right now. To do list for tonight, advanced heat transfer homework, write resume, study for test, and I’m sure theres much more Im forgetting. I am super stoaked for the weekend though. After my interview Im helping a friend finish unloading from our trip last weekend to Gauley fest, then Im heating over to a pot luck (one of my favorite things ever). Friday Im running my car at Carolina Motorsport Park, then driving to Charleston to try to catch a boat to Capers Island where I will be camping with friends all weekend. Going to be and has been a crazy week.


Yet Another Music Post.

I havent posted much of anything for a while, though not for lack of want or new music. Mostly because Ive been keeping my self way too busy. Any way Jens Lekman has released his new album as well as a music video. I cant wait to see him live this October in Atlanta. Its a Tuesday night but Ill make it happen. 

So I posted a bit about The Dandy Warhols before. I rather like them. I was playing with spotify (not sure why I bother) and it showed this as one of their best rated songs. Im not sure I would go so far, but its good and I over looked it. So thanks to spotify here is We Used To Be Friends.

And now we are one to things brought by my iPod. I dont think I have posted The Boy Least Likely To before. I discoverd them around the time I started college. I would describe there sound as something a long the lines of music all your favorite child hood stuffed animals would write for you . So Here is The Battle Of The Boy Least Likely To.    :3   (Sorry, wasnt on youtube)

The Boy Least Likely To – The Battle Of The Boy Least Likely To

So this is Jeremy Messermsith with a tinydesk concert at NPR Music. I quite like his sound. The whole album isn’t quite as good as this single is to me. This album was on NPRs list of best albums of 2010 in the top 10 slots. Its really worth a listen.

So I kind of maybe really like Kim Boekbinder’s music and attitude. Its absolutly adorable and she sings about science all the time <3. This is her song Anyone At All.

I once thought that we’d get married
I thought of you as home
Then you said I was your savior
And I wanted to be alone

The new Passion Pit alum Gossamer is pretty good. Its not quite as good as their last album. This is their song It’s Not My Fault, I’m Happy. I had heard a fair bit about Passion Pit before this album came out but I never got around to checking them out. Their last album is fantastic. I strongly recommend it.

Kim Boekbinder and Amanda Fucking Palmer do a fucking sweet cover of Such Great Heights. I would love to see either of them live. Though as said above, I truly dig Kim Boekbinder. Enjoy this fucking awesome cover. You can find the real not youtube version around somewhere. Maybe iTunes, the real version is pretty awesome quality.

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros have their new album Here. Its pretty ok. Im not going to lie, I loved Home. The rest of the last album was pretty ok but I loved that single. Any way their new album seems to lack that cute happy fast paced energy. Its still good but right now Im most attracted to nice happy music.

I really like Brook Pridemore. Their lyrics are hard to get a hold on. I found out about them from the Anticomp Folkilation. Quite the album if you want to try Antifolk on for size.

I missed the boat but have no fear, I swear I won’t be alone this time next year
With a hope insurgent, burning bright,
that this’ll be the year I get it right
I have finished treading lightly, when I meant to dive
and I’m wondering how much I loved you and why