Engineering lego dreams

All the kinematic systems in this set make me get an engineer’s nerd high. Seriously this is beautiful. I so want to dig out my legos now (and really have for the last few months). So check out this link. It really reminds me of the video below. Make sure you listen to it with Alt-J Tessellate playing in the back ground. I also have it linked below.

In other news, I have an aerospace structures test tomorrow, and an interview with Boeing. I would be studying but I’m (white chili) cooking dinner right now. To do list for tonight, advanced heat transfer homework, write resume, study for test, and I’m sure theres much more Im forgetting. I am super stoaked for the weekend though. After my interview Im helping a friend finish unloading from our trip last weekend to Gauley fest, then Im heating over to a pot luck (one of my favorite things ever). Friday Im running my car at Carolina Motorsport Park, then driving to Charleston to try to catch a boat to Capers Island where I will be camping with friends all weekend. Going to be and has been a crazy week.